Budget Library and media library security systems with EM or RFID electromagnetic equipment

We have security strips for books and anti-theft alarms for CDs / DVDs . EM electromagnetic systems, activable (on / off) and non-deactivatable compatible with all EAS equipment of all electro-systems.



We have several models:

• To be placed inside the book, with 2-sided adhesive material and to be glued between the pages. With leftover strip material for easy placement.

• To be placed inside the back of hardcover books, with adhesive on one side.

• For CDs, DVDs or CDRom, with anti-theft protection, for libraries and media libraries.

• For magazines or newspapers.

PERMANENT (not deactivatable)

• For magazines or books that should not leave the library.

Our alarms are compatible and work with all the equipments of the various EM electromagnetic anti-theft security systems for libraries. WORKS WITH THE EQUIPMENT already installed in the library.


• We have adhesive labels for books and CD / DVDs manufactured with the highest demand and quality, checking each of them in the manufacturing process.

• They meet ISO library standards and are fully compatible with various equipment. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO CHANGE ANY EQUIPMENT already installed in the library.

• We can customize the RFID labels with nameS or barcodes. We also supply regular barcode labels.


• We supply USER CARDS for both RFID libraries and standard cards for readers or for other users of public services.

• Our RFID tags and cards are made with the most advanced technology and chips in data retention capacity and durability.